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The movie Gone With The Wind came out in 1939 and celebrates its 75th Anniversary in 2014. Sally Tippett Rains is available for speaking engagements and can speak on the making of the film or the real-life Civil War history behind the book. For updates on 2014 speaking engagements check out her blog: http://gwtwbook.wordpress.com/

The Making of a Masterpiece, The True Story of Margaret Mitchell's Classic Novel Gone With The Wind contains the exclusive Civil War history behind Margaret Mitchell's story. Rains had access to a scrapbook from Mitchell's family which contains pictures from the 1800's as well as stories from Mitchell's Civil War ancestors. Some of these stories are very similar to stories in Gone With The Wind.

For more information: info@GWTWbook.com

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The Making of a Masterpiece won First Place in the Missouri Professional Communicators Contest for Best Book of 2010.

The Making of a Masterpiece won Third Place in the National Federation of Press Women Contest for Best Book of 2010.

The Tarleton Twins May Have Been Based On the Harper Twins of Jonesboro, Georgia

The Making of A Masterpiece contains several letters and much more background on these and other possible real life people who may have provided inspiration for some of Mitchell's characters.

Read one of the letters.

The Making Of A Masterpiece by Sally Tippett Rains is a must-read for all Gone With The Wind enthusiasts and fans. It contains never-before published information taken from a recently discovered scrapbook from the family of GWTW author Margaret Mitchell's family. According to the scrapbook, Mitchell based some of her characters and storylines on real people, and with the help of historians, Mitchell relatives, experts, collectors, and authors Rains has uncovered new, provocative information. New interviews with five of the actors who were in GWTW help comprise the 70 people contacted for the book.

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